Yoga Muddle

It felt rather unsettling that yogic meditation should make me so antsy! In the past, that’s what kept me centered.

Instead of relaxing in the deep-throated lilt of my Ujjai breath, my mind was running in circles – the nanny’s here only for a short time, and I have to do….The list seemed endless! Guess, 2 kids and running a home does that to you.

After a few sun salutations, complex twists, an inversion, an hour flew by, and the quiet heaviness of Shavasana was indeed welcome. This time, the meditation and Oms were more than welcome. And, left the class I did, with renewed energy! I was ready to make the most of the humdrum that awaited me.

Every time I get to the yoga studio, it’s as if my mind, body and soul are all over the place. They refuse to live the moment. Just be. When I leave, that’s what my being is ready to do – enjoy, accept, and make the most of NOW. Guess, it’s for this that I drag myself to yoga whenever I can 😊


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