Fan Affairs

Much has been said about the movie FAN. In fact so much has been said that i just had to go watch it. It’s been raved and rejected. It’s been described as a dish akin to an SRK fiesta and even an SRK overdose. And it has been incredibly successful at the box office. 

It took me back in time, this movie. It brought memories of a young and brilliant shah rukh gushing back – when his acting talent used to sing louder than his stardom. It’s also a movie only he can pull off. Even the Star SRK displays shades of his own greyness and classic arrogance. Add to that the scale and volume of his success and it’s easy to believe the script. 

Yes clearly I am a fan too; and as much as i disliked the slightly distorted, toothy Fan character Gaurav, I wanted to believe the story. I know it’s far fetched but it’s Bollywood people, not a docu-drama. Of course if you hate SRK then watching him for 2.5 hours might be as unpalatable as getting a full body wax. For everyone else who like gripping, well made Bollywood movies this one should be worth a movie ticket. 

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