Respect the power of 10 minutes

Baby in a carrier, dragging a stroller up and down our wonderful neighborhood’s streets… One fine sunny afternoon, I find myself getting a panic attack. It’s almost time to pick up my older one from his preschool, but I’m literally racing against time!

Meandering and jostling, I reach, but to my dismay, 10 minutes late! Fortunately, my son loves school, and the teachers were nice enough to entertain the tardiness of a harried mother of 2.

10 minutes. In another life, there isn’t much I’d accomplish in 10 minutes.

Today, I feel like I can literally move heaven and earth in 10 minutes. In a day where 24 hours aren’t enough, 10 minutes make a huge difference – dishwasher unloading, devouring a cup of coffee, a shower, the email that should have been sent a week ago, bills, sorting through piles of mail, being on time to pick up your kid from school… You get the drift!


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