Timmy Tamasha

Timmy is the newest member of my family. In fact he is so new we are still frequently peering into the cage, sighing at his cuteness while he’s decidedly looking bewildered at his fate.

That he is a dwarf Roborovski hamster is something I only discovered after bringing him home. Okay I admit, this was an impulse purchase but look how well it turned out. We are overjoyed and he has been brought home with the paraphernalia including a large cage with exercise equipment (yes!), TOP of the line hamster food, high quality soft absorbent bedding, some pink odour powder and hamster vitamins! Yes you read that correctly.

One of the first things Timmy did upon arrival is – try to escape. For someone who is smaller than my index finger, he’s aready shown strategic planning & execution abilities befitting a master criminal.

The first hour was spent in surveying the new house (his Not mine, he has to stay in the cage for now). Post which he proceeded to paw the exercise wheel from one end – until it twisted creating an opening in the wiring of the cage.

I don’t know if you’ve ever seen something disappear in front of your eyes. My little Friend  – and I do mean little, he is under 2 inches – had gone AWOL in broad daylight!

Thankfully I am quick witted and extremely nimble (stop laughing), so i managed to accost him while he was still dangling from the wire on the OUTSIDE of the cage! Imagine our would-have-been-dismay at losing our furry Friend in a house where I cannot even locate my own inanimate belongings- what Tamasha that would have been!

Timmy is safely back in his cage. I do check on him every 5 minutes though. Hopefully Day 2 will be spent bonding.

#hamster #pet #newpet #furrycreatures #roborovski


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