Travel like a Consultant

I am sitting at the departure terminal of Singapore Airlines once again, equipped with my laptop and other gadgets, trying to breathe deeply and remember exactly where I am headed and why. 

Now this is not always the case – and I don’t travel that frequently and nowhere as often as most professionals in Singapore. After all, this tiny red dot is the business hub for APAC and any job worth big bucks will involve gruelling hours of travel every week.

Luckily I am not in the big league. I still have to travel every couple of weeks and it does get a bit monotonous. The admin involved in tickets, bookings, visas, reimbursement claims, receipts… Enough to turn you off your travelogue ambitions. Then there’s the added work pressure, catching up with work overtime trying to make up for hours lost in transit. Every single time I travel for meetings I am working 16 hour days trying not to drop a ball in my juggling act.

Let me not sound too pessimistic – there is the thrill of travel, the access to 5 star business hotels, good food, client and team meetings and all the high energy that involves. And the rare visit to a spa 😎

And now I have to proceed for boarding! 

#travel #singapore #consulting 


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