5 things to do on a long commute 

Or when you are stuck in a traffic jam – like I am right now. 


Well, it is Jakarta and what did I expect during office rush hour? So here’s my list of quick fixes.

Before we begin – Breathe – Deep breath in through the Nose – hold – exhale sloooooowly from the mouth. Repeat 6 times. 

Count as you like. I do 8-6-10. Then rotate your shoulders to let go of some of that tension.

1. Practice braiding your hair 
2. Draft the next 30 status updates for FB and Twitter so you don’t have to think about it for a month! 
3. Call someone – yes that technology still works. It’s called a Phone
4. Search, download and explore cool new apps
5. Think about what the topic of your next TED talk will be (why not?)


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