5 things I Love LOVE about Singapore

Have you recently seen Singapore figure prominently in the surveys on “Most Expensive” cities in the world? How about the “Safest places on earth” or “Best education system” or even “highest number of millionaires per square km”? Yes these are all real surveys and Singapore continues to figure in the TOP 5 if not at the number 1 spot. 

But these aren’t the only things Singapore needs to pride itself on. The clean governance, zero drug tolerance, efficient and corruption free policing, strict food quality regulations, clean drinking water available to all, green cover, simplified tax structure, world class healthcare and endless other reasons to make you feel awed by this little red dot. 

Here are my 5 reasons to love Singapore – and I really mean LOVE:

1. Inclusive and fair – Multicultural society where all races and religions are equal and welcome.

2. Outdoor & Green – The large connected green spaces that make Singapore so attractive for outdoor lovers. Camp or go on a bike ride or just walk around the ample Parks and gardens in this city. 

3. Child friendly – Children are welcome almost everywhere – and nearly everything is child friendly. I usually run out of money before I run out of entertainment options for the child. Plus there really are a LOT of children here. It’s easy to see why there are abundant education and child care options here!

4. Safety – Women wear what they like, when they like and walk out at whatever time of day or night no matter how inebriated they may be. It’s that safe. 

5. Food – The Food is DIVINE! From Hawker Centres to Fine Dining, from new concept restaurants to experimental food, if food equals bliss to you, this will feel like paradise!

Although uber chic and very permissive in terms of women’s clothing, Singapore remains quintessentially Asian. You may not find the quirkiness and OTT individuality seen in New York for example. The Chinese-Malay-Indian ethos is still predominantly Community Centred. Not to say that individuality isn’t encouraged but it’s certainly not commonplace to see people stand out from the crowd.

Family still plays a very important role and children typically continue to live with their parents for a while into adulthood (usually until they get married and buy their own apartment). Grandparents support and look after the little ones as most mothers continue to work. 

It’s a great blend of modern and traditional, big city facilities in a small space and generally a very easy to love place that I call home.
#singapore #home #love #citylife 


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