Guilty Pleasures….Not!

As a stay at home parent, I see myself do this often – deny myself some fairly simple pleasures. That being innocuous stuff like taking some time out for a mani-pedi, a much needed nap, reading a saucy fiction novel, vegging out in front of the TV…. You get the drift!

It’s essentially a subliminal sense of “guilt” that usually holds me back. At the end of the day, the “guilt”, really is relatively unnecessary with deep consequences.

Every time I “indulge” myself, I’m a changed person. I’m happier, a better mother & wife, I see life through rosy lenses, as opposed to various shades of black and grey. I hum through the humdrum! And I wonder – why didn’t I do this before?

I know there are parents out there like me who go through this process of “pleasure transformation”, and love it, till they reach that bump of guilt again….






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