Angels are Mums; and Mums come in all shapes and sizes



Back in 1986 my Mother took an unusual decision to join the workforce and help earn money that could support my parents’ collective dream – to afford us the best quality education.

In those days and within our social circles in our sleepy, laid back and somewhat poetic town in India it was a controversial decision. Women didn’t work. Period.

So she struggled with her “working mum guilt” as well as social prejudices and pressures to get us our high quality education. I will forever be grateful for that.

Dial up 30 years and I am now a working mum too. Thanks to being a second generation working mum I am much better prepared to take on this challenge and probably don’t feel as guilty about my time away at work. I also maintain a steady focus on “quality time” both for my child as well as for myself.

This is despite being a single Mother. My daily efforts are turbocharged by having grown up with a powerhouse of a Mother.

Would I like to do more for my child? Yes of course. Would I like to spend more time at home and be available when she returns from school. Yes most certainly. Do we miss out on a lot of stuff because I am a single parent? I guess I don’t need to answer that. It can all add up to a whole lot to deal with.

And this is exactly the heart breaking agony of being torn between being a bread winner and a nurturing parent that we all keep putting ourselves through over and over again – and to all the mums out there I want to say STOP!

Stop putting yourselves through the blender every day. Mums come in all shapes and sizes and we are all equally legit. The working ones, the stay at home ones, the single ones, the differently-abled ones, the struggling ones, the laid back ones, the tough love ones, the step ones…

All mums who feel the need to be better and make the effort to do more and to do right. Let’s stop tearing ourselves up into little pieces over what we haven’t done or cannot do. Let’s focus on what we do DO. Take a moment to breathe in the fabulous beauty you create every day and say a prayer of thanks.

Happy Mother’s Day – all Mums are Angels

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Click here for more information on Mother’s Day



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