A Bee Buzzes Happily

There’s a reason why bees buzz around happily. It’s because they are NEVER bored, and are busy doing their stuff. They keep to themselves, unless of course, provoked.

Here’s what I have observed… (And let me know if my worldview is completely topsy-turvy, which honestly, it could very well be!)

Whenever by boys have too much time on their hands – like when I’m taking those 20 minutes in the day to cook, or when I ‘disappear’ for a rushed 10 minute bath (on a good day), or when I’m drained of ideas stuck at home on a rainy day, or when I indulge myself with a long phone chat, for instance, they’re BORED.

And when they’re bored, things crash and burn, literally! Whining, tantrums, irritability, are just mere manifestations. You can probably guess what follows. You get it. Not a pretty picture at all!

But you know what? I think this boredom thing is true for me too!

Even as an adult, when I have too much time on my hands, (which hasn’t happened since my boys), boredom sets in. Reading, watching T.V. are not enjoyable anymore, a feeling of listlessness & laziness sets in, and of course, snappy conversations & those stupid arguments are born!

Thank God for kids, who give us almost no opportunity to pause, and think, and ponder. And that’s why, mommies buzz around busily, and happily (well, most of the time) doing stuff all day long! And when mommies do have some ‘free time’ (how often does that happen??), reading, watching T.V., and being lazy & listless are Oh! So, welcomed, relished and cherished 🙂

On the flip side. Knowing how I may start climbing the walls once my boys are at school for a good chunk of the day, which will creep up on me sooner than I will ever realize it, I need to make sure I’m ready with an alternate ‘bee role’ to continue my buzzing happily, at least till the rascals are back with a bang!






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