Take a call – with li’l miss Fussiness


Once in a while I work from home so I can spend more time with my little one. Today being a Friday, I was logged in from home and managed to tick quite a few things off my job list by the time my four year old arrived from daycare.

It was lovely to spend the afternoon together and I fed her and pampered her a bit but then I had a call at 6:30 PM and I needed to be on it for an hour.

So I planned her activities for that hour and explained how mummy had to be on a call; my very bubbly child nodded along cheerfully and I thought we were sorted – but I Guess in her mind ‘mummy being home’ equals ‘mummy being with her’.

Exactly at 6:29pm as I started to dial in to my call, she kicked up a fuss, wailed loudly and wanted to be on the call with me. Caught in a jam I didn’t know what to do – so I hugged her with my right arm and dialled in using my left hand on speaker mode.

Thankfully she stopped fussing and was immediately intrigued by the booming Male voices from the phone. I said hello to my global leaders and she mimicked me – which created some amusement for the early attendees online.

So I formally introduced her and said we have a four year old participant with us today.

It was a bit of a laugh and then we got on to business and I managed to mute myself. With some coaxing my little miss fussiness agreed to go for her activity and finally allowed me to conduct my business.

This balancing act for mums is sometimes quite a precarious one. Even with understanding bosses and colleagues one needs to be available and willing to give undivided attention – and my little boss at home expects no less either!

#workingmum #flexi #conferencecall #parenting #boss


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