True Basics – How to break it down 

Bringing up a child is an education in itself. I learn so much Everyday! Mostly it’s through observing how the pure and sweet mind of a child works, but lately I am also learning vicariously from what is being taught at her pre-school. 

So the bedtime conversation goes something like this: 

Nona: “Mummy the teacher told us about good thoughts and bad thoughts” 

Me: (wondering – what the hell, is this some early version of sex ed?)

Nona: “Our thoughts are like seeds. If you plant bad seeds then you’ll get bad apples”

Me: “um… Right so you plant bad thoughts in your head you will be unhappy in the end – makes sense”

Nona: “mummy, you know Johnny was very naughty today. He had a bad thought and then he hit Ollie. Then Ollie had a bad thought and then he hit Johnny. The teacher said they were going to eat bad apples”

Me: *laughing uncontrollably and trying not to laugh* “yes that’s right baby, they will be very unhappy if they hit each other” 

Nona: catching on to the fact that she’s been incredibly cute in her translation – “mummy, is it funny?”

Me: reflecting – “no baby, it’s true. We all need to break it down. You can choose your thoughts and if you choose bad ones all the time, your mind will become very unhappy in the end. But you have the Choice. So plant good seeds and eat good apples! Don’t bother with bad seeds or bad thoughts”


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