Don’t Give Me The Finger!

So I’m speeding down our neighborhood’s main arterial road to pick up my son from school on time. Not recommended, I agree. But, I know those roads, I know the traffic at that time, I am a terribly safe & cautious driver, I wasn’t driving under the influence… Whatever! Judge me for all I care 🙂

Anyway, moving on.

I see a lady, a couple of blocks down, who wants to cross, but she really isn’t. Not that I slowed down or stopped to give her the option to do so. My bad, I know. I whizz past her, only to find that she’s giving me the finger! Rude, I know. But from her POV, I was the jerk. I agree.

I was annoyed, but I did make a note to myself. Going forward, if I find a speeding lady (and yes, it is mostly ladies, who speed on residential arterials), most likely, she is a stretched mama like me. Which means, if I’m the lady trying to cross the street, I need to give her the benefit of doubt, instead of getting all ‘look at these car jerks’.

I often find myself revisiting life’s little lessons, such as this one, when I’m at the receiving end. And, interestingly, I have been in this rather privileged position often, since the kids came along. Next time around, I’ll be more empathetic, rather than judge.

On a lighter note, would I be as ‘forgiving’ or ‘understanding’ should a guy be speeding by? Good question! He very well could be a ‘stretched dad’ (or not, depending on whether he’s sporting an Armani suit, listening to blaring hip-hop in his posh convertible…. You get the drift!) 🙂



One thought on “Don’t Give Me The Finger!

  1. And I would file this under “Confessions of a Saint” category 😛
    You needed to get somewhere and she wasn’t crossing yet… nothing personal. It happens sometimes. Since you’re now thinking from 15 different POVs, let’s just say you’re more than absolved. love and hugs!

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