Coffee Sense & Sensibility

Warm, acidic, caustic, yet interestingly flavorful and sweet. That’s what coffee is for me. An addiction, or a habit? I’m not sure. But what I do know is that I absolutely love to wake up to that smell. That ‘lilt’ of sorts that fires up my senses as I kick-start a new day!

Ummm…Coffee. I’m certainly not an aficionado. I wouldn’t dare to claim to be one, given the length and breadth of the very subject of coffee. I just enjoy it. It’s that simple. I relish a nicely brewed cup, and absolutely know when a cup of coffee isn’t the same. In that sense, I do have a discerning palette.

What is it that makes a good cup of coffee so important to me? To tell you the truth, I really don’t know. If I were to afford a guess, I’d say, there’s something about the taste. There’s something cozy, something so comforting about a warm cup of smoky liquid warming me up on a cold and rainy day. There’s something about a cup of coffee that can miraculously energize my fraying nerves even on a sunny afternoon!

The whirring and whistling sound of a coffee machine is enough to rev my senses. It makes the sweet anticipation of a piping hot cup of freshly brewed coffee a near reality. As I sit at a coffee shop, with that cup of magic by my side, the mundane becomes less of a chore. Armed with my laptop ready to hit my to-do list, I breeze through the humdrum with a smiling mind. It helps open the mind and broaden the senses!

Excessive, you may think. I understand. But, that’s what you do, especially in Seattle! Coffee has been a significant part of my life at various stages – as a student when I pulled all-nighters, as a young professional when I had to meet tough deadlines, currently as a mother managing 2 rambunctious boys! Coffee, centers me. Much like yoga.

Coffee creates a sense of community too. You invite someone over for coffee, you gift it to people, you meet at a coffee shop when you interview a nanny or a potential business partner, it’s the ideal ‘conservative’ launch pad for further dating…. You get the drift. I could go on, and on, and on. So, let’s meet for coffee sometime? 🙂


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