Play-foam on the plane!

There’s something pretty awesome and intriguing about play-foam, or “floam” if you may. It’s light, sticky and gooey in a weird way. It’s got this beady texture, it’s inexpensive and not messy.

One of the things that I almost ALWAYS travel with when I’m on a plane is this ball of blue floam. My kids, 2 and 5 (boys that too!) who are generally shifty, LOVE floam! Otherwise easily distracted, they find immense joy and comfort in squishing this amazing “thing”.

Once the kneading, pounding, pinching, “ball-making” is all done, the boys start jabbing plastic dinosaurs into their respective floamy piles. This is followed by putting all of this on Hotwheel cars. Once all this is done, I usually pull out coffee stirrers, and somehow the game is all about dinosaurs in fast cars in space….You get the drift 😊

At the end of ALL this, either it’s time to land, or nap, or a snack is on the horizon! Time passes, and the kids have clocked in a fair amount of self-driven creative play. Win-win?

Sure, there are books, crayons and iPads that are intrinsic plane activities. Throw floam into the mix too, and you won’t regret it, I promise!


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