About the Authors

Nidhi is a Super-mum of Two adorable little toddlers. Devoting her time to raising her boys, running the house, yoga and fitness, she still manages to find time for her love of the written word. Nidhi lives in Seattle, USA.

Subhashree is a multi-talented working mum, managing a toddler, home and office with zest. She is a great example of where there’s a will there’s a way – as Long  as you have a sense of humour! Meditation keeps her centred. Subhashree lives in Florida, USA.

Smita is a working, single mum and spends her time either working or being a mum! Luckily there are a few windows of “free” time thanks to her ample support system. Her love for expression and strategic thought usually overrides any love for exercise. Smita lives in Singapore, Singapore.