About LifeMantra

LifeMantra is a co-authored blog set up by three girlfriends.

Mantra comes from a Sanskrit word meaning a “sacred message or text, charm, spell, counsel.” Hence – LifeMantra is really just the sacred message of life. Or whatever, it sounds pretty neat doesn’t it?

Going back to the origins, our friendship began in college. Post Grad to be precise, which was a 9 month long party that ended with us being ‘delivered’ into the world of Advertising. We’ve navigated the glitzy, glamorous, arduous and sometimes grossly unprofessional agency world and found different routes to get to where we are today i.e. somewhere in our Thirties.

More about the authors in individual author page. The one unfortunate commonality is that we live in different locations and time zones. Three cheers to mobile tech & social media for keeping us together through the past 14 years!

LifeMantra is intended to be a platform for us to write, share, interact with other bloggers and readers, create material out of the flit and flutter of incidents and characters in our sometimes exciting lives. There are no thematic rules. We are curious creatures.



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